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TV & Film Writers Residency Program, Dec 9 - 11 (invite only)

Emerging TV & Film writers mentored by the best in the Biz. 

December 9 - 11 (Invitation Only)

BIFF connects emerging TV & Film writers with the best industry professionals. Writers receive first hand knowledge and build lasting relationships with field experts.

The program consists of 3 days of intense workshops. Three (3) writers will be selected for features film scripts and Three (3) for TV scripts. Six (6) fortunate applicants will be extended the invitation to attend the mentorship in Nassau, Bahamas and eligible for a Cash Prize to be awarded to both the 1st Place winners of the film and TV scripts.

Semi Finalist

’10’ written by Charles Forbes  / United States

ALICIA, written by Yaron Schwartzman / United States

AMATEUR HOUR written by Russell Stein & David Stein / United States

BREAKWATER, written by Tad Daggerhart / United States

BULLY, written by Joshua A Cohen   / United States

CHICAGO 66, written by Stephanie Dunn / United States

EYES OF DAWN, written by Sheri Davenport  / United States

HELL HOUND, written by Giancarlo Fusi / United States

MADAME HIGH HEELS, written by Justice Whitaker / United States

MALICK, written by Armelle Lajus / United Kingdom

MARTINA, written by Anjini Taneja Azhar / United States

MEASURE OF MAN, written by Anika Poitier / United States

OAKLAND, written by Andrew Koponen / United States

ONE FRIDAY MORNING, written by  Inderia Green / Bahamas

PROOF, written by Tabitha Ritchie / Bahamas

SCOTUS, written by Alan Jenkins / United States

SOUL TIE, written by Kreimild Saunders / Bahamas

THE DANCE OF THE BULL, written by Alex Hodgson / United States

WAKING WILLIAM – A BILL MURRAY TALE, written by Mary Jackson  / United States


As Part of the Program you will be invited to the following Panels:

Development & Production Panel (Open To The Public)

Monday, Dec. 9 /  6 :00pm - 7:00pm

The Current Art Gallery, Baha Mar

$15.00 (Open To The Public)

A guide through the ideation process all the way through pre-production / production. This panel will discuss the changing realities of how smaller films & studio films are getting made & what writers can prepare for in best practice.

Pitch Your Way To Success Panel (Open To The Public)

Tuesday, Dec. 10 / 5 :00pm - 7:00pm

The Current Art Gallery, Baha Mar

$15.00 ( Open To The Public)

A guide through the best practices for pitching to producers, financiers, studios, networks & representation. This panel will discuss how to prepare for a career / life as a screenwriter in the ever evolving business of entertainment.

After Six (6) winners are announced on November 4, BIFF will accept applications for four (4) additional screenwriters to join us for the full price of tuition: $1,500. If you are selected, a non-refundable deposit of $500 will be required to reserve your spot.

Entrance Up to Four (4) will be selected for Tuition (2 TV and 2 Film) Tuition Opportunity  $1500 (flight not included) 

Monday, December 9 / 9:00am

Baha Mar

T +242 698 1800


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