The Adventure Of Selika  United Kingdom / 2017 / 7 mins

"The Adventures of Selika" is based on an image of Selika Lazevski, about whom little is known. The image was by Felix Nadar, renowned 19th century French photographer of celebrated people (authors, scientists, painters . . .). Curious and puzzling, I was struck by the strength and pride that exude from this image of a beautiful black woman elegantly dressed in a riding habit, believed to be an equestrian of haut dressage in 19th century France. Her gaze confronts us. Without antagonism or apology, she simply states, I am here. The film reimagines the crucial events that would lead her along this path.

Rating: 16 years and over


Thursday, December 14 / 11:00am

Baha Mar, Theater 2



Sybil H. Mair


Sybil H. Mair


Sybil H. Mair

Principal Cast

Karidja Toure, Krystian Godlewski, Jennifer Daley, Filippo Scarafia, Luke Elliott



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