East  United States / 2017 / 22 mins

When Ella gets fired from her high powered job, she decides to to pursue her dreams of being an actress. Set in the heart of New York City's entertainment industry, EAST is an inside look into the industry from all angles - the newbie, the studio exec, the oscar winning director, the agent, the assistant, the starlets. With a colorful cast of characters and multiple story lines, East is an ensemble dramedy that explores the exciting and gritty world of entertainment and what it really takes to make your dreams a reality.

Rating: 18 years and over


Tuesday, December 12 / 8:00pm

Romora Bay, Harbour Island

Saturday, December 16 / 8:00pm

Baha Mar, Theater 1



Dana Marisa SChoenfeld


Dana Marisa SChoenfeld


Dana Marisa SChoenfeld

Principal Cast

Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Jen Rudolph, Nicholas Baroudi, Ramona Floyd, Vin Scialla, Jeanine Bartel, Natalie Roy, Clyde Baldo, J.J. Gonzalez, Stephanie Weppler, Michael Piper Younie, Katie Lawson, Alex Witherow, Julie Zelman, Gabriella Schaeffer, Renee Stork, Shannon Hamm Esper, Cory Esper



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