King Of The Goatskin Drums  Bahamas / 2017 / 62 mins

Trail Blazer, Cultural Icon, Legendary is what resonates when you hear the name John "Chippie" Chipman. Born the 5th of October 1928 to Howard Nelson Chipman & Ethlyn Taylor; this dynamic Bahamian with goat skin drum in hand & passion in heart laid the cultural foundation for entertainment with remorseless tenacity governed by Bahamian pride. With a career spanning over six (6) decades & counting his contribution has had mammoth affects in the world of Junkanoo & entertainment crushing taboos & ushering a new generation of entertainers destined to be great. Alongside Rebecca Becky Chipman they cultivated the art of fire dance & raised four generations of Chipmans who are blowing coals in the fire; keeping the art alive. This biography chronicles the life of Gander who has danced to the rhythm of his own beat; John Chippie Chipman King of the Goatskin Drums

* Special Screening - Nassau


Monday, December 11 / 10:00pm

Anglican Hall, Harbour Island

Saturday, December 16 / 2:15pm

Baha Mar, Theater 1

Sunday, December 17 / 6:00pm

Baha Mar, Theater 2



Thriston & Verline Ewing


Verline Mackey-Ewing


Thriston & Verline Ewing

Principal Cast

John Chipman, Sir Orville Turnquest, Stan Burnside



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