Big In Bollywood  India / USA / 2011 / 74 mins

A struggling actor in LA, 27-year old American-born Omi Vaidya, lands a dream role in a huge Bollywood film. Four of Omi’s college buddies fly to Mumbai to see his big premiere. The film quickly skyrockets to the most successful Bollywood film in history, and Omi becomes a national sensation. But the glitz and glamor of being a national sensation is not the easy ride it seems. Omi struggles with the pressure of needing to continue his career quickly while he is still 'hot,' and to care for his lovely wife, who waits wistfully for his return to Los Angeles.


Friday, December 2 / 8:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3

Sunday, December 4 / 11:00am

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2



Bill Bowles, Kenny Meehan


Kenny Meehan, Matt McCroskey

Principal Cast

Omi Vaidya



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