Tall Tale of An Accidental Tourist  The Bahamas / 2010 / 25 mins

Igbo Hepburn, of the Hepburn Clan of Guanahani, is the center of this animated tall tale. The adventure began on the sandy Guanahani  shores where two island boys were clowning around. Meanwhile, in the town of Cadiz in Southern Spain, Kris Kombusus was bragging that he could get to Japan via another “undiscovered” route. Kombusus was used Igbos maps. He then proposed an investment deal to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, with the promise of undiscovered lands and wealth of gold and spices. After much negotiations, the voyage was funded by the monarchs and our adventure moves westward on the big ocean blue. Traversing the map from west to east, we take a short history lesson of what was happening before we end up in this twisted tall tale of trickery and adventure. Igbo has to stay cool and collected in order to keep the ships’ crew calm, and keep talks of a mutiny at bay before landing at a familiar location. Told by a proud but short tempered Bahamian story teller, get a glimpse of Bahamian culture in the director’s first animated film.


Thursday, December 1 / 2:15pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 5

Saturday, December 3 / 4:15pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 5



Jason Evans



T +242 698 1800


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