Public Relations - UK  USA / 2010 / 25 mins

Working for one of New York's most prestigious PR firms, Madeline Stewart and Abby Beyer handle crisis on a daily basis. But when Abby commits the ultimate first date faux pas their damage control skills will be put to the test. Will they be able to correct Abby's mistake before it's too late? They'll have to overcome a looming PR disaster for one of their clients and the ever evolving drama of their own personal lives or they'll leave Abby totally humiliated, eternally embarrassed and worst of all-- without a chance at getting Mr. Right.


Saturday, December 3 / 2:45pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3



Tim Rouhana


Elisabeth Hower, Sarah Paige


Tim Rouhana

Principal Cast

Elisabeth Hower, Sarah Paige



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