LAN  USA/China / 2011 / 30 mins

An aging assassin, with his mind set on vengeance, is commissioned to wipe out an aristocratic young girl's entire family and is given three boxes for their heads. Disguised as a military adviser, he successfully works his way into her family. Complications arise when the girl's mistreated mother runs away from the mansion, and the girl follows after her mother. The assassin goes after them to fulfill his duty, but the girl's innocence and resemblance to his murdered daughter triggers painful memories of his troubled past, and his resolution begins to waver.


Sunday, December 4 / 1:45pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2



Taylour Chang


Taylour Chang


Joie Chen

Principal Cast

Hai Jiang, Mengyao Li,Nora Zhang, Qun Tang, Rosa Jin, Wenyang Jiang, Xiang Li, Xiaolong Li, Zhong Lu



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