Nai River - NaiHe  China / 2013 / 136 mins

In ancient Chinese tales, the Nai River is where the living world is divided from that of the dead. All deceased persons must cross it to start another cycle of life. As long as one does not cross it, there is still hope of rebirth.

On the way to school with his mother, Qiang has a car accident and becomes an invalid. However, Qiang’s mother faith in Qiang gradually infected Daxiang. Her care for Daxiang also helps the little girl feel maternal love once again.


The abandoned baby Xin has a serious brain tumor. It is inoperable, so he is abandoned to die. He is sent to a hospice care center for babies, where he is loved by kind-hearted people. Ying, a rebellious country girl, leaves the city where she works and returns home. Together with her father and younger brother Xiaoxia, she starts to lead a simple life.


Sometimes, the continuation of life is not contingent on the success of crossing the Nai River, but on whether we live together and make it last.

Rating: 18 and over


Sunday, December 8 / 2:15pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3

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Bin Luo


Bin Luo


Haipeng Liang

Principal Cast

Zhu Xuan, Chen Xiaoxia, Zhao Leyi


Chinese (English Subtitles)

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