Side by Side  UK / 2013 / 105 mins

Side by Side explores with refreshing honesty the unique bond between a brother and a sister, Lauren and Harvey have been forced into an adult world due to tragic family circumstances. Facing the rest of their already tenuous childhood apart. Harvey is given a lifeline and runs away looking for their estranged Grandfather, their last remaining relative and potentially the only person who can keep their family together. Lauren having made some rash decisions without consulting her brother, has no choice but to follow. 
Influenced by classic British children's literature and shot against the backdrop of some of the country's most breathtaking landscape, this is a rare and genuinely heartfelt tale, about the real magic of two siblings finding themselves through simply being with each other.


Thursday, December 5 / 12:30pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

Sunday, December 8 / 2:15pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 5

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Arthur Landon


Matthew James Wilkinson


Sara Giles

Principal Cast

Alice Felgate, Alifie Field, Bel Powley


English - All Audiences

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