Murder In The Dark  USA/Italy / 2013 / 81 mins

A group of internationally diverse young medical professionals, working with an overseas volunteer organization, take a trip after their tour of duty is over, in order to go camping in the ruins of a deserted medieval Turkish town. Their first night in camp, the travelers play a party game called “Murder in the Dark” in which one player (the killer) tries to fool the others. But the next morning, the first person who “died” in the game, is found dead in real life. Now the group must discover who among them is a murderer before the next killing takes place.


Shot on location in Southern Italy (which doubled for Turkey), the film featured a cast of actors who were never given scripts to read. Instead, the filmmakers laid out clues to the mystery in the real life ruins were the film was shot. Several camera units were then deployed to follow the actors as they improvised reactions to the discoveries they made. The actors’ choices were then used by the filmmakers to interactively change the shape of the story. This all lead to the identity of the murderer being revealed, without anyone in the cast knowing who it will be.


Saturday, December 7 / 8:00pm

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

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Dagen Merrill


Dagen Merrill, Chris Wyatt


Chris Wyatt

Principal Cast

Luke Arnold, Mary Kate Wiles, Phil Austin


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