Bis Gleich  Germany / 2014 / 20 mins

Albert and Marta, both in their late 70s, live across the street from one another in a bustling section of Berlin's Mitte. Every day, the two neighbors meet - each in their perspective windows - at nine am to watch the world unfold below them. One morning, the clock strikes nine but there is no sign of Albert. Tapping into a well of courage, Marta crosses social and personal boundaries and makes a trip to the other side of the street. What she finds there, unleashes a youthful energy within herself. With this new found strength, she comforts and surprises her dear neighbor and friend. Bis Gleich is a story of connection and love between two old friends set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing Berlin.


Thursday, December 4 / 2:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

Friday, December 12 / 11:00am

Pink Sands Resort



Benjamin Wolff (attending)


Tara Lynn Orr


Philippe Brenninkmeyer, Tara Lynn Orr

Principal Cast

Gertrud Roll, Horst Westphal, Julia Richter,


German (English Subtitles)

T +242 698 1800

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