The Current "Explore the Healing Powers of the Ocean"  Bahamas, Mexico, Tonga, U.S. Outlying Islands / 2014 / 36 mins

‘The Current’ showcases inspiring adaptive athletes, public figures, and athlete ambassadors, including:

Bethany Hamilton - pro-surfer, shark attack survivor, inspiration for film 'Soul Surfer', ESPY award winner

Missy Franklin - multi-gold medalist Olympic swimmer, adaptive athlete ambassador

Mallory Weggemann - paralyzed at 18 by epidural, multi-god medalist Paralympic swimmer

Jean-Michel Cousteau - famed oceanographer, founder Ocean Future's

Anthony Robles - born w/ one leg, NCAA wrestling champ, ESPY winner,

President's Council on Fitness & Nutrition

Grant Korgan - recovering spinal cord injured athlete, world adventurer, first adaptive athlete to push 100 miles across the South Pole David Hosick - world's first PADI certified diver, spinal cord injured


Leo Morales - cancer survivor, world record holder for deepest diver by disabled athlete

Jesse Murphree – wounded US military veteran, 56+ surgeries and near death experiences, adaptive skier & scuba diver.

‘The Current’ highlights individuals of all abilities overcoming limitations through adaptive sports such as surfing scuba diving / free-diving, and ocean kayaking alongside whales and dolphins in exotic locations, including Bimini, Bahamas, Cozumel, Mexico, and Kauai, Hawaii.

Each individual cast member shares inspirational stories of perseverance while reflecting on the bonds of friendship, ultimately revealing the power of the human spirit, and the importance of protecting and conserving the ocean, while discovering and embracing its healing potential.

‘The Current’ features breathtaking cinematography shot by an award winning camera crew in Red Digital Cinema. This film will also be made accessible for vision and hearing impaired individuals.


Friday, December 5 / 11:00am

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3

Sunday, December 7 / 4:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3

Thursday, December 11 / 12:15pm

Pink Sands Resort



Kurt Miller and Hans Rosenwinkel


Hans Rosenwinkel


Kurt Miller

Principal Cast

Jean-Michel Cousteau, Bethany Hamilton, Missy Franklin, Jesse Murphree, Grant Korgan, Mallory Weggemann, David Hosick



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