Hydro  USA / 2014 / 69 mins
  • A Collaborative Creative Commons Project

    What happens when HD underwater cameras are accessible for divers and filmmakers all over the world? When a great number of people are able to record and film the underwater life and its secret places? When there are platforms to upload and share underwater video experiencies ? When there exist rights licenses like Creative Commons, which allow everybody to use, mix, and share material ? Do you need to film a shark to create your film about them? 

    Hydro asks the questions.
    The diver and filmmaker Xavi Tello wants to create an underwater non verbal film, with music and material available in the web. The original proyect would have needed at least two years of filming and travelling, nowadays the free access to a Creative Commons or Public Domain videos, adds another attraction to this project. Could we do it??

    The Production uses two procedures in order to find footage
    1. Looking for underwater videos, contact their producers and make a collaboration arrangement
    2. Opening an inbox to receive videos and music from everybody wants to collaborate.

    We will give every creator of videos and music creators, a percentage of the author right's of the movie and additional benefits 

    We want to use up to 3 minutes from each filmmaker.
    We can also make some underwater shots if they are necessary

    The final duration of the film will be around one hour depending on the material selected selected.

    Xavi Tello is currently working as a visual advisor and editor of 'Second World War Series' for Pacific Media .He has been making videos & music under Creative Commons licenses since 2004.

    Non-verbal Films
    The non-verbal have no dialogue, no narration, no subtitles, no plot, no actors and no script. These films paint a picture, or provide a journey through vision and music alone.


Wednesday, December 9 / 1:00pm

Melia Hotel



Rafa G. Sánchez, Xavi Tello

T +242 698 1800


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