Blind  USA / 2016 / 106 mins

Blind is a timeless tale of romance born of a tragic car accident that kills Bill Oakland’s wife and leaves him unable to see. Bill was a very successful novelist, but stopped writing after the accident. He now spends his days teaching aspiring writers in New York City and having his university students’ papers read to him by volunteers. 

Found guilty by association when her husband is indicted for insider trading, Suzanne Dutchman is sentenced to three years of community service and assigned to help Bill. Her life of luxury is turned upside down when she is forced to put up with Bill’s cynical attitude and rude behavior. But when she discovers the real Bill – a brilliant writer hiding behind a wall of guilt – a passionate love affair ensues. Her visits are no longer obligated hours to fulfill her sentence, but sensual rendezvous. They both feel something they have not felt for a long time: Reciprocated love. But quite unexpectedly, the charges against Suzanne's husband Mark are dropped, and she is forced to return to him. 

Mark learns of Suzanne’s romance and obliquely threatens Bill’s life if the relationship doesn't end. Suzanne goes to Bill’s apartment. She tells him that she still loves her husband and has decided to stay with him. Bill doesn’t believe her and begs her to leave Mark. More concerned about Bill’s safety than her own happiness, she ignores his entreaties and returns to her husband. Bill, desolate, retreats to the South of France, where he dedicates himself to a new novel. Energized and inspired by his relationship with Suzanne, he finishes his book – an ode to their love. It is an immediate bestseller. 

Suzanne is deeply moved when she reads Bill’s new book. She realizes she can’t live without Bill and that Mark does not know how to love her. She flies to France, where Bill sits at a café with a bottle of wine and two glasses, his daily ritual while waiting and hoping for Suzanne. 

Suzanne finds him at the café, picks up the glass that is meant for her, and they drink to their future – their destiny – together. 


Tuesday, December 6 / 8:45pm

Romora Bay, Harbour Island

Thursday, December 8 / 6:30pm

Rawson Square, Bay Street

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Michael Mailer


John Buffalo Mailer


Michael Mailer, Diane Fisher, Jennifer Gelfer, Pamela Thur, Martin Tuchman

Principal Cast

Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore, Dylan McDermott



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