Heaven's Floor  USA / Canada / 2016 / 88 mins

Julia, (Clea DuVall) a restless photographer from Los Angeles meets fearless expedition leader (Timothy V. Murphy) who convinces her to join a photographic journey to the Canadian Arctic. The whimsical trip to the frozen north becomes a life threatening disaster. Julia alone, ill equipped, finds her self stranded on sea ice. Darkness falls. Julia spots a lone skidoo racing across the tundra. Malaya, an eleven-year old Inuit girl, (Katie May- Dunford),  saves Julia's life, taking her to an Inuit community by the Arctic Circle, where the child opens the door to her unique and mysterious world. When death invades Malaya's world, Julia returns to the Arctic to adopt Malaya, forcing Julia to make a decision that leave us wondering, who really saved whom...


Friday, December 9 / 11:00am

Galleria Mall At Marathon

Saturday, December 10 / 12:00pm

Galleria Mall At Marathon

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Lori Stoll


Lori Stoll


Phil Rose, Justin Ford, Malaya Qaunirq Chapman, Lori Stoll

Principal Cast

Clea DuVall, Toby Huss, Timothy V. Murphy, Katie- May Dunford



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