One Smart Fellow  USA / 2015 / 44 mins

While on a weekend vaca9on at a beau9ful beach house on the coast of North Carolina, a not so smart fellow decides to turn his family's life upside down. Clark, his wife Ellen and their daughter Maddie experience an event that will change their lives forever. One big choice by one small man sends the family into an unforeseen disaster. Maddie and Ellen's strength, courage, character and heart shine through as they are forced to deal with impending change.


Saturday, December 10 / 4:00pm

Galleria Mall At Marathon

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Timothy Busfield


Timothy Busfield


Timothy Busfield, Belle Shouse, John Skoglund, Laura Innes, Matteo Zingales, Melissa Gilbert, Timothy Vincent, Scott Oberholzer, Robert Humphreys, Michael Ferdie

Principal Cast

Melissa Gilbert, Laura Innes, Belle Shouse, Timothy Busfield



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