Cahide's Open Marriage  Turkey / 2016 / 25 mins

The story begins at an historical hotel in Istanbul. Cahide Devekusu, an unconventional, uber-stylish 70-year-old lady and her retired husband Cahit Devekusu have just arrived to attend the funeral of Cahide’s dear coiffeur. During their stay, tired of her “old” husband, Cahide demands open marriage. On top of everything, a female Grim Reaper arrives to take Cahit to “the other side.” A fight starts off between the elderly couple and the Grim Reaper. Will this absurd adventure be able to revamp their marriage and remind them that life is still an adventure? 


Saturday, December 10 / 1:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 5

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Ali Kemal Guven


Ali Kemal Guven


Seda Ozkaraca

Principal Cast

Meral Cetinkaya, Sezai Aydin, Sevil Aki, Tevfik Erman Kutlu and Lale Belkis.


English Subtitles

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