Happily Never After  The Netherlands / 2014 / 25 mins

In a small unusual village where normal people and fairytale characters are living together in close harmony, a terrible crime has been committed. Six little goat-kids were brutally murdered, only the seventh managed to escape. Michel Prinsschen, a young ambitious inspector is send to this mysterious village to investigate the crime. As the villagers already have their suspect, the Big Bad Wolf, none of them feel the need to do any further research, and definitely not by an outsider like Michel Prinsschen. However it seems there's more than meets the eye and Michel starts his own investigation and is about to find out that nothing is what seems.


Saturday, December 10 / 1:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 5

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Jamille van Wijngaarden


Kasper van Beek


Wibout Warnaar, Nanda van Aalst

Principal Cast

Tomer Pawlicki


English Subtitles

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