Judy's Child  USA / 2016 / 20 mins

Madison is Judy's Child.  A Young woman living an average life with her mother, sisters, and boyfriend. She splits her time between home, work, and fitness; the one constant, is her phone.  On a trip to the doctor, Madison is given a cancer diagnosis that leaves her reeling.  Demanding answers and receiving none, Madison finds herself on a rollercoaster journey of confusion, grief, and anger.  Unwilling to share the diagnosis with anyone, Madison finds herself sinking deeper into a vacuum and disengaging from family, work...life.   Grasping for a sense of normalcy, Madison vists a support group that's guided by warm Ms. Reid.  As the members of the group recount their stories one by one, Madison finds herself getting more and more agitated until she loses it and explodes on the group.  After a nasty exchange with one of the members, she attempts to leave, only to be stopped in her tracks by the understanding Ruth.  This support breaks Madison and she falls apart...all of her fear, anger, confusion, and helplessness coming to the forefront, revealing a truth that was unexpected.   As they listen, Ms. Reid encourages her to share her burden with those who love her.  Heeding the advise, Madison heads home to her mother Judy.  Accepting the weight of the truth she's been dealt, Madison seeks and find the solace only a mother can provide....she curls up in the bed next to Judy and listens as Judy soothes her and reads her favorite scripture to her, Psalms 27.  


Saturday, December 10 / 3:30pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

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Ty Hodges; co-directed by Jacqueline King-Howell


Jacqueline King-Howell


Jacqueline King-Howell, Jefferson Howell, Patrick Coker, Ashton Pina

Principal Cast

Jacqueline King-Howell



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