Zaar  USA / 2016 / 22 mins

Zaar 30s middle eastern man who prepare himself to bomb himself in a diner with regular people around, but he meets this couple Chris and Beth who shows a lot of conflict between them but they prove to him at the end they can change. He also meets Amir and his friends who are regular mean mid age’s boys who prove to him that they have a chance to be better people. He meets Maria the waitress who shows him that the world is the reason she is mean but she still helps people around her. And finally he meets Amanda the 6 years old girl who tries to be friends with him but he try push her away but her innocence reminds him of his daughter and makes him questions the act he is about to do. Will he bomb himself?! 


Sunday, December 11 / 1:00pm

Galleria Mall At Marathon

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Ibrahim Nada


Kenin Easley, Ibrahim Nada


Annamaria Pupart

Principal Cast

Kaveh Kavian, Alexis Michele



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