Criminals  USA / 2016 / 26 mins

“Criminals” is a documentary essay about what it means to live a life of crime.  Told in first person confessionals, this project gives a voice to the people that are most often neglected and marginalized by society.  In presenting their stories in such a raw and unfiltered way, we hope to provide an intimate portrait of the person behind the crime.  Ed Serrano grew up in Southern California where he quickly turned to robbing banks to support his drug habit. After a few decades in prison, a lenient judge gives Ed a second chance. Can he turn his life around despite the temptations of a life of crime?  Marcia Scantelbury grew up in Chile under the fascist dictator Pinchot. Her career as an activist journalist led her into the underground resistance which ultimately landed her a prison sentence where she was forced to endure brutal torture tactics carried out by the oppressive regime. When John Denny’s parents abandoned him in his early teens after a harrowing death in the family, he began a spree of home invasions in order to survive on the streets. But this lifestyle would turn deadly as he began to rely heavily on drugs and violence. And finally, “Criminals” concludes with the story of John Kiriakou who, after working for the CIA in the Middle East, witnessed first hand the horrors of politically sanctioned torture carried out by the US government.  He felt it was his moral obligation to report the abuse to the press. However, his whistle blowing branded him as a traitor and the full weight of the federal government came crashing down upon him as he was arrested and convicted for treason. These four stories are part of a larger documentary project featuring dozens more first person accounts from criminals around the world.


Tuesday, December 6 / 1:00pm

Romora Bay, Harbour Island

Friday, December 9 / 4:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

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Jib Polhemus


Jib Polhemus, Rene Besson, Eduardo Castro, Lawrence Elman, Nick Fraser, Eric Gross, Leigh Niles Reason, Florencia Valenzuela, Raquel Vasquez

Principal Cast

Ed Serrano, Marcia Scantelbury, John “Convict” Denny, John Kiriakou



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