Delicate Balance - Fragil Equilibrio  Spain / 2016 / 81 mins

Will we be able to govern ourselves?

A Japanese executive in Tokyo, whose life is solely centered around his job in a corporation,  a  sub  Saharan  community  in  the  Gurugú  mount,  in  the  borders between  Morocco  and  Spain,  community  that  time  and  again,  risking  their  lives trzies to get into Europe, dreaming with a new future;  an evicted family in Madrid that,  despite  all  the  efforts  poured  into  having  a  life  that  is  considered ‘normal’ ends up evicted of their own home. 

Delicate  Balance  is  a  journey  through  three  stories.  José  Mujica,  President  of Uruguay, will join us in this trip across the planet and with him we will discover the real worth of life, something we seem to have forgotten. 

Three  stories  of  contradictions  that  happen  in  different  places  in  our  planet,  in different  socio-cultural  spheres. However,  the  very  same  contradictions  can  be found in any other place, in any given culture.


Rating: 13 years and over


Friday, December 15 / 11:00am

Baha Mar, Theater 1

Sunday, December 17 / 11:00am

Baha Mar, Theater 2



Guillermo García López


Guillermo García López



Principal Cast

Sr. José Mujica


Spanish, Japanese, French, Bambara (English Subtitles)

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