Green Days By The River  Trinidad & Tobago / 2017 / 102 mins

In a remote village by the sea in 1952 Trinidad, a Black ambitious fifteen-year-old, SHELL, is charmed by the attractive Indian girl ROSALIE, and flattered by the friendship of her father, GIDHAREE, who mentally accepts him as a future son-in-law. Despite his father's terminal illness, Shell follows a compassionate Gidharee to work his exotic plantation along the river, with his large hunting dogs, in hopes of attracting Rosalie. All the while, Shell falls for a tender, dainty girl from the city, JOAN. The love triangle develops, as Shell leads on the girls, not realizing the trap designed by Gidharee to ensnare his manhood. When Dragon’s Blood, a stimulating liquid is given to Gidharee’s dogs, a strong threat is sent to Shell who must face the consequences of his actions.


Ratings: 12 year and over


Tuesday, December 12 / 12:00pm

Anglican Hall, Harbour Island

Thursday, December 14 / 2:45pm

Baha Mar, Theater 3



Michael Mooleedhar


Dawn Cumberbatch


Christian James

Principal Cast

Sudai Tafari, Anand Lawkaran, Nadia Kandhai, Che Rodriguez


Trinidadian Creole, English Dialect

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