I Do?  United States / 2016 / 72 mins

I Do?

A light-hearted documentary about the “crazy” concept of marriage.


When we say “I Do”. . . what exactly do we say yes to?


* Can you love just one person with all your heart and soul f-o-r-e-v-e-r!?  If so, how?  Why?

* Does marriage make us better together then we are apart?

* Monogamy.  Is it realistic?


It’s commiserating with broken souls and celebrating long lasting love affairs – all with a sense of humor and based in true reality.


It’s free therapy. . . (for me).


I’m Joe Brandmeier; producer, director, husband.  Am I alone in my curiosity about this universal concept – or my marital struggles, joy and (occasional) pain?   I’ve been out on the road connecting, sharing, and learning from long-time married couples to naïve newly-engaged types and those walking the marital trenches in between.


TCFF “Best Documentary” --- brought to you by Executive Producers Joe Brandmeier and national Emmy-winner Joan Steffend, past winners of the Grand Award from the International Film and TV Festival of New York (and much more).


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