The Golden Age  United States / 2017 / 102 mins

Inspired by true events, THE GOLDEN AGE is a tour de force musical film about subversive pop star, Maya O’Malley (Justin Connor), who after a string of incendiary remarks in the press, gets dropped from his music label, Aspect Records in the Fall of 2012.

Shifting between the present day and performances/interviews from the past, we uncover the dark story of his abusive relationship with his father, while detailing his tumultuous journey towards spiritual redemption through friends, band mates, family members, and music critics, all set against the dreamy backdrop of his compelling, innovative songs.

As Maya sets out on a spiritual pilgrimage throughout mystical Northern India, he seeks refuge in the vast teachings of Hindu mythology in an attempt to resolve his troubled past.

Will Maya finally overcome the demons that have kept him trapped in a cycle of excess and fear? 

Rating: General Audience


Sunday, December 10 / 3:30pm

Anglican Hall, Harbour Island

Saturday, December 16 / 10:15pm

Baha Mar, Theater 2



Justin Connor


Justin Connor


Justin Connor

Principal Cast

Justin Connor, Christopher May, Brian Jacobs, Ellen Gerstein, and David Lovering (The Pixies)



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