"I'm The Duke" by J.P. Duke

Sidelined by concussions, ex-NFL linebacker J.P. “The Duke” Duke denies the magnitude of his injuries while clinging to gridiron glory. But when J.P.'s pregnant wife, Aubrey, hosts a Super Bowl bash, he faces the realities of life on the sidelines: stodgy neighbors, nacho cheeses, and the looming responsibilities of fatherhood.

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Max Barbakow

USA / 2016, 21 mins

Saturday, December 10 / 3:15pm

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The Black Line

A group of caribbean olympic swimmers, led by Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, debunk the myth that black people can't swim.


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Stan Jakubowicz

USA, Cayman Islands, Bahamas / 2016, 55 mins

Wednesday, December 7 / 1:00pm

Saturday, December 10 / 4:45pm

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The Team

A misfit group of street soccer players bond and create a team in hopes of winning a tournament in orderto raise enough money to save their neighborhood from the hands of Turkish construction giants.


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Emre Sahin

Turkey / 2015, 110 mins

Saturday, December 10 / 1:45pm

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