Dim The Fluorescents

Drama, Comedy

When a struggling actress and an aspiring playwright accept a job doing corporate role-playing demonstrations, they end up funnelling all of their creative ambitions into the biggest show of their lives — a hotel conference.


Rating: Over 16 Years

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Daniel Warth

Canada / 2017, 128 mins

Thursday, December 14 / 1:30pm

Sunday, December 17 / 2:30pm

Million Loves In Me


A film about power, love, delusion, confinement delivered through the not-so-ordinary relationship between a mother and daughter.


Ratings: 18 year and over

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Sampson Yuen

Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada / 2016, 109 mins

Thursday, December 14 / 3:45pm

Saturday, December 16 / 8:15pm

Noble Earth


Noble Earth is a study of ennui and female repression within a world rarely seen onscreen— Italy's hermetic nobility.


Ratings: 16 year and over

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Ursula Grisham

Italy, United States / 2017, 70 mins

Thursday, December 14 / 7:00pm

Saturday, December 16 / 6:00pm

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