Romantic comedy with singing, set in pre-Christmas time, when destinies of four lonely people are accidentally intertwined.

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Snjezana Tribuson

Croatia / 2016, 102 mins

Friday, December 9 / 2:00pm

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One Smart Fellow

While on a family vacation, one small man makes one big decision that will change his family's lives forever.

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Timothy Busfield

USA / 2015, 44 mins

Saturday, December 10 / 4:00pm

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Shu - De!

Following in the footsteps of Paul Pena, Beatboxer, Shodekeh, travels across the world from Baltimore, MD to Kyzyl, Tuva, Russia to take part in a festival celebrating the 50th Birthday of the legendary musician, Kongar-ool Ondar. While there, he collaborates and competes with some of the worlds best Tuvan throat singers in pursuit of a goal to create an oasis of unity with music. Music is the language in this exploratory documentary filled with rare recordings and open landscapes.

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Michael R Faulkner

USA / 2016, 80 mins

Friday, December 9 / 1:45pm

Sunday, December 11 / 1:00pm

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The Family Jumble

Martin is 11 years old and faces a new dimension: middle school. He soon realizes that in his classroom, he is the only one having parents still married. 


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Max Nardari

Italy / 2016, 90 mins

Sunday, December 11 / 3:00pm

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