In 1999, following his dream of motion pictures and film, Mr. Mortimer formed the independent movie theater company Galleria Cinemas. In 2001, he led the buyout of Grand Bahama Theaters to enter the Freeport Market. Three years later, in 2004, Mr. Mortimer led the consolidation of the film industry through the buyout of RND Cinemas.

Mr. Mortimer is involved in many pursuits with the express goal of creating opportunities for Bahamian content creators in the fields of film and music to make their mark on the world stage. Through his directorships on two Los Angeles Based recorded music affiliations, he has helped many talented Bahamians access international distribution through the world’s number one distribution company, Universal Music and Video Distribution. He has also served as Executive Producer on the first Bahamian film to Premier at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, “Rain” which was written and directed by a young Bahamian woman.