Black Hat  United States / 2019 / 15 mins

At first blush, Shmuel is a pious Hasidic man leading a fairly simple life. By day he dutifully prays at the local synagogue and manages a busy dry cleaner. But when his wife and daughters leave town for a few days, Shmuel will step out of his simple daily life and into a more complex world lit by the night. When he misplaces his black hat along the way, Shmuel’s two lives will interconnect in a way he never expected.


Sunday, December 15 / 3:00pm

The Current Art Gallery, Baha Mar

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Sarah Smith


Phillip Guttmann


Yaniv Rokah, Co-Producer title for Phillip Guttmann, Loriel Samaras?

Principal Cast

Adam Silver, Sebastian Velmont, Shelly Kurtz, Alan Lennick, Nicholas Hylander, Carolyn Michelle Smith



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