The Wind Phone  United States / 2019 / 15 mins

Inspired by true events, THE WIND PHONE follows the emotional journeys of seven strangers. Each is drawn to the same remote, eerie phone booth on a Japanese cliffside, although their conversations couldn’t seem more different. Whereas one caller seeks forgiveness for a fatal transgression and another grapples with a twisted betrayal, others’ motivations are not clear at first. It is not until one of the callers extends a consoling hand to another, that we begin to understand that they are all connected by one harrowing reality.

Social Message: The film addresses the emotional aftermath of traumatic and unexpected loss as it pertains to those left behind. We live in a time when random acts of violence, including mass shootings, and natural disasters fueled by a changing climate have become a regular part of everyday life. Learning how to cope with grief and finding closure is an important part of the healing process both on an individual level and for the affected community as a whole.


Thursday, December 12 / 5:30pm

The Current Art Gallery, Baha Mar

Saturday, December 14 / 4:00pm

BOND, Baha Mar

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Kristen Gerweck


Kristen Gerweck


Linda C. Riedmann

Principal Cast

Megumi Kabe, Hitoshi Masaki, Akari Harada, Yukina Takase, Linda Chung, Miho Ando, Hiroshi Watanabe, Natsuko Aoike



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