My Blood Is Red (Meu Sangue é Vermelho)  Brazil, U.K. / 2019 / 86 mins

My Blood Is Red is a music documentary with a very dark heart. It’s a film about genocide. And one young artist’s response to it. It follows the fortunes of a young indigenous rapper as he tries to make sense of the violence being meted out against his people. His name is Werá and his lyrics are fuelled by the anger and sadness he feels, confronted by the state-condoned genocide of the disenfranchised indigenous of Brazil. On his journey, he is adopted by Criolo – one of Brazil’s most famous music artists and godfather of Brazilian hip-hop. He’s also comforted and counseled by Sonia Guajajara, the internationally recognized indigenous leader and charismatic figurehead of the indigenous struggle.

Driven by beats and lyrics we descend into a world of official violence and end up at the largest assembly of indigenous people in Brazil – a demonstration against the government’s barbaric policy of arming farmers, loggers, and miners. Thousands of painted and feathered indigenous people – men, women, and children – hurl coffins at the Senate building and are repelled with tear gas and rubber bullets. Wera begins to appreciate that his lyrics are the only weapons at his disposal but can they be a match for the awesome might of the world’s murderous business interests?




Friday, January 8 / 4:00pm

Theater One

Sunday, January 10 / 11:00am

Theater Two

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Marcelo Vogelaar, Thiago Dezan, Graciela Guarani, Alexandre Pankararu


Brian Mitchell

Principal Cast

Criolo, Sonia Guajajara, Vincent Carelli, Wera Jeguaka Mirim as KUNUMI MC


English & Portuguese

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