A Dangerous Practice  Brazil / 2020 / 107 mins

Gustavo Fernandez (Director)

“Arigó's history  has a very strong religious appeal. Since the first conversations that objective has guided us and at times been our greatest challenge. We wanted to expand the scope of this story, to remove the project from the spiritist, and focus on the man. In this sense, Jaqueline Vargas' script was very well constructed, avoiding the pitfalls of religious bias, which was so evident in his life .”

Fabio Golombek (Producer)

“The importance of telling this story is  due to several factors: a unique family drama, a story that is being forgotten and must be remembered, in addition to being a story of mystery and

discovery. They are essential elements to have an interesting and historically relevant film.”



Tuesday, January 5 / 6:00pm

Theater One

Friday, January 8 / 1:30pm

Theater One

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Gustavo Fernández


Jaqueline Vargas


Roberto d'Avila, Fabio Golombek, Jim Guyer

Principal Cast

James Faulkner, Juliana Paes, Cássio Gabus Mendes, Antonio Saboia, Alexandre Borges


Portuguese (English Subtitles)

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