Traytown  Jamaica / 2020 / 13 mins

The charismatic and ambitious Aria Sawyer pulls out all the stops on her campaign to becoming Traytown's next Member of Parliament. At a fundraiser to secure the votes of Jamaica's elite, with her husband Dimitri on her arm, Aria coaxes the money and backing her campaign needs with a smile on her face that never falters. Yet behind that smile lays a secret with the power to cancel her dreams of being MP in a heartbeat. When her power-hungry husband Dimitri finds out about her ongoing affair with Janelle Rose, a spunky journalist, he makes veiled threats that Aria cannot afford to take lightly. Faced with a choice between power or love, in a world where her love for Janelle is condemned as a criminal, Aria clings to the safety net of remaining Dimitri's wife. As she watches Janelle walk out of her life, Aria puts on a smile next to her husband while her eyes question if she made the right choice. Trailer


Thursday, January 7 / 6:00pm

Theater Two

Saturday, January 9 / 3:30pm

Theater Two

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Nadean Rawlins, Gareth Cobran


Letay Williams


Nadean Rawlins

Principal Cast

JOVI ROCKWELL - Aria Sawyer - GABRIELLE MURDOCK - Janelle Rose - RAMON WALKER - Dimitri Gavins - PAUL ISSA - Richard Hill



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