The Creators  South Africa / 2011 / 81 mins

"A profoundly human and humane portrait of an inhumane reality," The Creators introduces the chaotic sociocultural reality of modern day South Africa through the eyes of its diverse artists. The documentary brings into focus the invisible connections among strangers' disparate lives, and the creative expression used to traverse the divide. Ranging from graffiti artist and mother Faith47 to self-taught opera legend Mthetho Mapoyi, the artists craft music, visual art and dance to communicate across boundaries and refute apartheid’s myth of separation. An intimate, refreshing, and deeply revealing look at those remolding the legacy of apartheid, The Creators has been praised as “a beautiful and important the literature of creativity and its endless capacity to fuel transcendence” (Ian Biederman, Executive Producer of Shark).


Saturday, December 3 / 8:45pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3



Laura Gamse, Jacques de Villiers


Laura Gamse, Nahum Deke


English, Xhosa, Afrikaans

T +242 698 1800

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