Gored  USA, Spain / 2015 / 75 mins

Known as the “Most Gored Bullfighter in History,” Antonio Barrera has been stabbed 23 times by his horned adversary. Barrera may not be the most graceful bullfighter, but his unyielding fervor has carried him through each gore. Now with a wife and two children, his career poses a threat to his family’s stability and Barrera must grapple with saying goodbye to a passion he’s had his whole life. 

A portrait of one man’s devotion to the sport he loves, Director Ido Mizrahy expertly captures the grace and danger inherent in Spanish bullfighting—a tragic dance of exceptional beauty, fighters look death in the eye every time they step into the ring. As the crowds’ chants echo across the stadium, equally encouraging and ominous,GORED unveils what it truly means to be fearless. Older, wiser and with more to lose, Barerra steps into the ring, hoping he has one last descabello left. 

—Genna Terranova


Wednesday, December 9 / 3:30pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 5



Ido Mizrahy


Steven Beer


Spanish (English Subtitles)


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